Out of love for the environment

We at SOMMER are an independent family business in its fifth generation and, as an organic manufacturer, we take our responsibility for our environment very seriously.

For decades, we have therefore relied on raw materials from agriculture that is ecologically oriented, preserves biodiversity and places as little strain as possible on natural resources such as soil, air and water.

We use these ecological raw materials to produce top-quality organic products that help people to eat with a clear conscience today and in the future. But we also know that this alone is not enough and that there is so much more to do on the way to a more sustainable future. As is so often the case, it takes the ideas of individuals and the initiative of many to take another step forward.

we create the primeval forests of tomorrow in Germany, together with you

The Green Forest Fund e.V. around Thorsten Walter, is exactly such a valuable initiative, which inspires us and which we from SOMMER would like to support together with you. We help to create the primeval forests of tomorrow in Germany and start directly with your support.

Trees that mean the world

Forests have a direct impact on global warming. The fewer forests there are, the more average global temperatures rise. To protect the climate, we have some of the most powerful allies living on our planet: Trees. But they, too, now need our help as we increasingly squeeze their habitat. Across Germany, only about two percent of forests are protected. Even here, timber cutting is permitted. Most trees serve as raw material suppliers and are felled after only 60 to 120 years. But trees can even live up to 1000 years or more.

Not only environmental protection organizations but also the newly adopted EU biodiversity strategy call for the protection of primary forests. Forests that can develop close to nature, with deadwood on the floors, for more moisture and more animals near the ground, forests where young and old trees stand side by side without serving a forestry purpose.

the idea behind Green Forest Fund e.V.?

We plant trees that can grow until the end of their life! This idea distinguishes Green Forest Fund e.V. from many other tree planting projects. A tree absorbs about three tons of CO2 over 100 years. That is roughly the amount that each of us produces in a quarter.

Four trees planted each year therefore offset our average, personal CO2 footprint. This makes trees one of the simplest and most effective means of combating climate change. Provided these trees can grow and reach their natural age. This is what we are working for together with Green Forest Fund e.V.!

The Green Forest Fund acquires land into the public domain to plant SOMMER trees on them, which do not have to achieve any economic benefit. They can grow into natural forest ecosystems that provide homes for a variety of animals and plants, improve our air, and incidentally effectively combat climate change. Just the way nature has arranged it. To further enhance biodiversity, the Green Forest Fund also creates bee pastures and bird sanctuaries on these lands, creating new habitat for pollinating insects and birds. In addition, the Green Forest Fund preserves existing areas of old-growth trees that are being converted into the virgin forests of tomorrow.

For more information about Green Forest Fund e.V. visit: www.greenforestfund.de

And how do you participate?

It’s simple: with every purchase of a SOMMER product, you support the Green Forest Fund e.V. and contribute to the planting of at least one SOMMER hectare with trees over the next years.