Art of baking since 1864

We have stood for tradition and innovation for 160 years

Over five generations, knowledge, craftsmanship and passion have been passed on, challenges mastered and achievements celebrated. All this has led to our organic baked goods being among the best in the organic segment today. Because we bake organic cookies of the highest quality out of conviction – and we are proud of that.

Company history

  • 2024


    160th anniversary

  • 2016

    the first gluten-free products are produced



  • 2010


    the company relocates to Neu-Anspach

  • 2003

    the organic production according to Demeter guidelines starts



  • 1998


    the company switches to the production of organic products and starts supplying the natural retail market

  • 1947

    besides rusk now biscuits are also baked



  • 1930


    Praum buys the 1864 founded company Sommer

  • 1850

    the family-run business Praum is founded in Friedrichsdorf, Germany



We offer a large assortment of baked goods in Demeter quality

Demeter agriculture is considered to be particularly sustainable due to its living circular economy, in which soil, plants, animals and humans work together.

Demeter farming creates the most fertile soil

biodynamic farming produces the highest organic quality

Demeter has the strictest organic guidelines

Demeter stands for authentic raw materials and craftsmanship

Demeter stands for fair income – fair prices and best quality

Demeter stands for respectful interaction with every living creature

Out of love for the environment

We at SOMMER are an independent family business in its fifth generation and, as an organic manufacturer, we take our responsibility for our environment very seriously.

For decades, we have therefore relied on raw materials from agriculture that is ecologically oriented, preserves biodiversity and places as little strain as possible on natural resources such as soil, air and water.