30. November 2023

from the field to the shelf

We have now reached the stage in the supply chain where the delicious cookies have been produced. But how do they get to the shelf and finally into your hands? Luckily there are wholesalers, because they take on tasks that would be impossible for us 🤝 Organic wholesalers supply farm stores, organic stores, unpackaged stores, […]

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28. November 2023

one christmas stollen please

Once a year, just in time for Christmas, we bake something that we don’t normally bake. And we do it with joy, craftsmanship and, well, a little tasting in between 😉 We have been making our sweet, juicy stollen for many, many years – it has now become something of a tradition, with even the […]

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6. November 2023

Seasonal calendar

In November, we have really arrived in winter in terms of vegetables: From now on, you can stock up on all kinds of cabbage. Whether cauliflower, kale or Brussels sprouts. Pointed cabbage, red cabbage or even Chinese cabbage. Cabbage is healthy, contains lots of minerals and fiber and is super versatile. You can refine your […]

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19. October 2023

From the field to the shelf

Granted, most modern mills will probably not look quite as romantic as they do in the photo. What is the same then as now, however, is the craftsmanship, intuition and expertise with which millers process a wide variety of grains into flour, meal and semolina. Without them we could not produce amaretti, bread chips or […]

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10. October 2023

now new

Autumn time is soup time is crouton time, isn’t it? The perfect time to introduce you to our new croutons. They taste deliciously of garlic, are really nice and crispy and enhance every hot soup. In fact, they add that certain something to any dish. Our croutons have a super short and transparent ingredient list, […]

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6. October 2023

Organic for everyone

Together with Andechser Molkerei, BÖLW and AÖL as well as many other partners along the entire value chain, we demand: Organic for everyone! At an organic breakfast at the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin, the organic industry sent a clear signal. Even though we were unfortunately unable to be there ourselves, numerous representatives of the organic […]

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2. October 2023

seasonal calendar

Not only the trees shine in autumn in the most beautiful shades of yellow and red. Seasonal fruits and vegetables also come in autumnal earth tones! Whether sunny yellow quinces, orange Hokkaido pumpkins or fiery red apples. In October, you get a lot of colorful food from domestic cultivation. From A for apple to S […]

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22. September 2023

From the field to the shelf

In this series, we want to take you on a journey from the farm field to the shelf of your trusted organic grocery store. Because until you can hold a package of cookies in your hands (and then snack them), it takes quite a bit of work, organization, and time. That’s why we want to […]

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20. September 2023

trainee program

A career start doesn’t get any sweeter than this! Do you want to become part of sustainable food production, acquire in-depth knowledge and network? You have a university degree or a comparable degree? Then become part of the trainee program and our quality management. The Organic Agriculture and Food Management Trainee Program is a one-year, […]

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14. September 2023

Social sustainability

A range of over 40 products. Demeter, gluten-free and vegan. Almonds, chocolate and lemon. Our assortment is diverse. And so are we. A fair gender balance, employees from all over the world and female employees in management positions? Quite normal for us. The nice thing is, we benefit from this diversity. Diversity of commitment, ideas […]

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13. September 2023

Vegan Black Forest Cup

Today is fortune cookie day and you are really lucky because we have the perfect recipe for you. The layered dessert is super easy and super quick to prepare. And you at the end? Super happy and super full. For two portions you’ll need: ➝ one package spelt chocolate cookies➝ one jar of organic sour […]

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4. September 2023

eve Leserliebling 2024

Choose your favorite from the organic store! You decide. With your purchase. Every day. It’s that time again: The election of the Eve Magazine Reader’s Favorite 2024 has started and participation is possible until October 22, 2023. We would be happy if you vote for our Cantuccini with almonds and chocolate. We think our Cantuccini […]

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2. September 2023

Seasonal calendar

Autumn is here and brings us pear, broccoli and kohlrabi fresh from the field. Summer says goodbye, but in September you can still enjoy delicious fruity summer berries. At the same time there are the first forerunners of autumn: kale, pumpkin and parsnip. Even in autumn, we can benefit from the colorful variety of fruits […]

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14. August 2023

Agricultural poison? No thanks

Organic farming shows that there is another way. It can also be done without pesticides and agricultural poisons! Did you know that around 2.8 kilograms of pesticides end up on German fields per year and hectare? On conventional fields, because the use of pesticides is generally prohibited in organic farming. Instead, organic farming relies on […]

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8. August 2023


Mmmh Bruschetta, delicious! The perfect snack for a warm summer evening and a vacation feeling like in Italy. The base for this simple and vegan bruschetta recipe is our whole wheat rusk, which is anything but boring. All you need are just a few ingredients, some patience and a lot of hunger 🙌 Ingredients: ➝ […]

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7. August 2023

Seasonal calendar

Summer is coming to its end, but in August you should definitely take the chance again and buy seasonal. The selection is still aromatic, colorful and diverse in the last month of summer. The food doesn’t have to travel long distances, which means we can really save on CO2 by simply shopping regionally. How about […]

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2. August 2023

Sandwich Ice Cream Day

It’s raining outside? Never mind, we’ll bring summer indoors with this delicious ice cream creation, a dream of ice cream, coconut and cookie 😍 The perfect recipe for today’s sandwich ice cream day, because who didn’t love eating an ice cream sandwich as a kid? The best part is that you don’t need many ingredients […]

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27. July 2023

Simple and sweet curd cream

A short shopping list, quick preparation and sweet taste explosion appeal to you? You’ve got guests coming this weekend and you want to surprise them with a simple yet phenomenal dessert? Then you should definitely try this fruity and chocolaty curd cream! For two servings you need: ➝ one package of spelt chocolate orange cookies➝ […]

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17. July 2023

Bean meets cracker

For a long time we have worked on them, adapted the recipe again and again and searched for (and found) the best raw materials. We had the courage to create a new design and waited with anticipation for the packaging. Finally we have it in the house and may present you our latest addition 🎉 […]

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10. July 2023

Summer party

Best weather, a beautiful view and lots of refreshing drinks – that was our summer party this year at the beautiful Rhine. It was a special day and not only because it was especially warm. Because our summer party began with a guided tour of the Benedictine Abbey of Saint Hildegard – a monastery which […]

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6. July 2023

Seasonal calendar

Oh July, you are so wonderful and colorful! In hardly any other month does it make so much fun to eat regionally, seasonally and organically. And in hardly any other month is it soo easy! From A to Z, everything is there, from apricots to zucchini, you get a wonderfully colorful selection of fruits and […]

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3. July 2023

Summer dessert

You have to try this dessert! Mango and coconut make this layered dessert the perfect summer treat, fruity fresh and soo easy to prepare. We have a creamy, a crunchy and a nutty component, what more do you need. So, let’s do it! For two servings you need: ➝ one package of spelt coconut cookies➝ […]

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28. June 2023

More diversity

We love and live diversity Naturally organic, mostly vegan and as colorful as possible! Whether sweet, salty or mild – with us all nibble fans will be happy, our pastries are made for everyone. Our products are not only diverse, they also support diversity in the forest and in the fields. In cooperation with the […]

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23. June 2023

Buy organic, stop glyphosate

This year, a decision will be made on the further approval of the agricultural poison glyphosate in the EU. We say: Glyphosate must be urgently removed from the field! Why? Simple: Here’s what you can do: Sign the petition “Glyphosate ban now” and demand that the German government vote AGAINST the further approval of glyphosate […]

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6. June 2023

Seasonal calendar

Crazy, we are already in the middle of the year and never before has the seasonal calendar been so colorful as now in early summer. From C as in cauliflower to E as in eggplant to R as in raspberries, June will be especially diverse and delicious. We can’t wait to create fruity fresh strawberry […]

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30. May 2023

JLU goes Neu-Anspach

Last week, students from the Justus Liebig University (JLU) in Giessen visited us for the third time. The excursion took place within the AG Nutritional Ecology and so students of the subjects Nutritional Science, Ecotrophology and Environmental Management have been there. Besides a guided tour through our production with our two colleagues Ines and Patrizia […]

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22. May 2023

Organic, family-run, medium-sized

The medium-sized business sector is the engine and innovator for sustainable business. According to the definition, a company is a medium-sized enterprise if it has between 10 and 250 and/or 500 employees and annual sales of between one million and 50 million euros. According to the Federal Statistical Office, the vast majority of German companies […]

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16. May 2023

Environmental protection

Would you have known? With organic farming, farmers not only make their farms less dependent on expensive and climate-damaging external factors such as mineral nitrogen fertilizers, but they also make an effective contribution to protecting the environment, climate, biodiversity and soil. Through sustainable land management, organic farms avoid 800 euros in climate pollution costs per […]

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15. May 2023

Organic from the very beginning

What does organic actually stand for, how is rusk made, and why does everyone have to wear a cape and cap? Last week, we tried to answer these questions for a total of 21 curious and bright elementary school children and introduce them to our enthusiasm for organic. As we all know, early practice makes […]

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Sommer goes north germany

In-house trade fairs are something special because the focus here is on the human interaction. They usually are smaller, more personal and the perfect place to establish new relationships and maintain existing ones. This can only be confirmed by our sales employees Denis and Thomas, who were part of the in-house trade fair of the […]

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10. May 2023

Eat more value!

What is more valuable than money? Than real estate? Than a new watch? In fact, it’s quite simple. Our food! We need it to live. We eat food every day, often without knowing what exactly is in the products. Eat more what is good for you. Eat more value! We bake our cookies with as […]

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6. May 2023

seasonal calendar

Hard to believe, but again a month is over and we are in the middle of the merry month of May. In the German fields it is becoming more and more colorful. Not only trees and flowers are blooming, but also fields! In addition to cauliflower and broccoli, you get peas, carrots and radishes fresh […]

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5. May 2023

Open Day – Bingenheimer Saatgut

It was exciting to see how organically bred seeds are put into bags. On guided tours through the seed processing, bottling, and shipping departments, we were given an unobstructed look behind the scenes at Bingenheimer Saatgut and were able to experience breeding at first hand. Organically produced seeds are important for breeding new, seed-resistant varieties. […]

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30. April 2023

valuable food

What do you look for when buying food? Do you look for high-quality, valuable and nutritious food? Behind every Demeter Germany product are people with values. This is also the case with us, because when we converted to Demeter exactly 20 years ago, it was a conscious decision. Biodynamic agriculture is probably the most sustainable […]

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6. April 2023

Seasonal calendar

Not only in your own garden or neighboring park it becomes increasingly colorful, but finally on our home fields too! Green spring onions and leaf spinach are joined by crunchy pink radishes and fruity red strawberries. So you already have enough valuable ingredients for a colorful salad. In addition, the asparagus season begins slowly but […]

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31. March 2023

Juicy vegan carrot cake

Recipe carrot cake You like juicy cakes? Then you’ll love this carrot cake! Because it’s soo wonderfully moist and deliciously squishy that even non-vegans are guaranteed to like it. The special part? Instead of flour, we use finely ground spelt rusks, lots and lots of hazelnuts and grated carrot for a nutty, crunchy result. The […]

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28. March 2023

Participate now

Since 2021, we have been supporting the Green Forest Fund e.V. in its mission to create the primeval forest of tomorrow in the middle of Germany. Together, we ensure that at least one hectare can be planted with trees over the next few years. These trees will be allowed to grow until the end of […]

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21. March 2023

Today is forest day

SOMMER x Green Forest Fund e.V. What does Forest Day got to do with us, an organic baking company? In cooperation with Thorsten Walter and his organization, the Green Forest Fund e.V., we have been actively supporting the German forest since 2021. This is how the primeval forest of tomorrow is being created, right in […]

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14. March 2023

Greenplanting instead of greenwashing

Plant trees, protect the climate The Green Forest Fund e.V. is our first choice when it comes to planting trees and thus making an active contribution to climate protection. Trees are one of the simplest and most effective ways to fight climate change. However, this is only possible under one condition: The trees are allowed […]

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8. March 2023

Seasonal calender march

The days are getting longer, the sun shows up more often and the seasonal fruit and vegetable shopping is getting more colorful again, yay! In March, you can get wild garlic, spinach leaves and rhubarb fresh from the German fields. Wild garlic makes a nice spicy pesto, leaf spinach and aromatic shiitake mushrooms can be […]

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15. February 2023

Biofach 2023

34 years of Biofach Yesterday was the start of Biofach in Nuremberg. Already for the 34th time the world’s leading trade fair for organic food takes place and for many years it has been an integral part of our annual trade fair planning. No wonder, because it is not only a wonderful place to network, […]

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13. February 2023

Soil protection is climate protection

The soil is the basis. Not only because we walk on it every day, but also because it is the basis for our food. And good food can only grow on good, living and fertile soil. Building soil fertility is the focus of Demeter farmers’ work. For example, Demeter soils release 43% less climate-damaging nitrous […]

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7. February 2023


Germany is one of the world’s largest importers of agricultural products such as fruit, vegetables and cereals. The self-sufficiency rate for fruit is just around 20%, while the rate for vegetables is 37% – even though Germany is the world’s second-largest importer of vegetables. So we see that a large part of our food is […]

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30. January 2023

Biofach 2023

Biofach in Nuremberg is the world’s leading trade fair for organic food – it brings together people who share a passion for the organic market. It is the place to be for representatives of the entire value chain in the organic food market – from production to processing to trade, from organic foods and organic […]

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23. January 2023

Organic starts with the seed

Visit of the Bingenheimer Saatgut AG Last week we were happy to be visited by the Bingenheimer Saatgut AG. In addition to an insight into our production, the focus of the visit was on a lively dialog. How have both companies been doing over the past three years, and what opportunities and challenges do they […]

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13. January 2023

For a sustainable future

We are always happy to have visitors and especially when they are young, ambitious and motivated people like Sven Mathes. Sven Mathes is a member of the Bündnis90/Die Grünen party, a candidate for the state parliament and a city councilor in Oberursel. In addition to a tour of our production, he had an exciting exchange […]

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9. January 2023

Seasonal calendar

How does a sustainable nutrition actually look like? Organic, vegan, regional or seasonal? And how do you nourish yourself? In addition to the vegan diet, which you might try out as part of the Veganuary, seasonal shopping can also be a contribution to climate protection. Because the fruit and vegetables come from local fields and […]

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6. January 2023

vegan canapés

For this year’s Veganuary we have a wonderfully simple and wonderfully delicious recipe for you. Canapés are the ideal party snack, practical finger food and handy appetizers in one. And super quick and versatile to prepare – and probably even quicker to nibble away. The most important ingredient are our bread chips, optionally paprika or […]

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28. December 2022

We have news

There is magic in every beginning The German author Hermann Hesse already knew that – and you can hardly start a new year more magically than with new products. You can expect new designs like the bread chips with paprika, new packaging like our Muesli cookies, and even more secret new products. As you can […]

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23. December 2022

Happy holidays!

We wish you and your loved ones a wonderful Christmas with delicious food, sustainable gifts and crunchy organic cookies. Enjoy the last days of the year, recover well and have a pleasant slide into the new year! With great excitement, we’re looking forward to 2023 and everything that’s to come. You can be sure that […]

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12. December 2022

We make the best out of organic

We make the best out of organic – as an organic food producer and long-time member of the AÖL, we are engaged in the further development of organic and organic law, in healthy nutrition and in the question of how we can do business even more sustainably as a company. You want to know more? […]

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21. November 2022

our Advent opening hours

The first Advent is just around the corner and we open our doors for your Advent shopping! A pack of crispy vanilla cookies or spicy speculoos is wonderful in the Advent calendar, for St. Nicholas Day and also under the Christmas tree. Freshly baked in our production facility, our entire colorful organic assortment awaits you, […]

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11. November 2022

Demeter farming

Biodynamic Demeter agriculture is probably the most sustainable way of farming. Why we never get tired of emphasizing this? It is because Demeter farmers actively build up humus in the soil. Healthy and fertile soil is so important because it is the basis for our food. Farmers do not use synthetic chemical pesticides and instead […]

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14. October 2022

Vegan peanutbutter squares

We love desserts! Especially when our crunchy cantuccini play a leading role. On the occasion of the day of the dessert we have a simple and yet fantastically delicious recipe for vegan no bake peanut butter squares for you. Ingredients For the base:285 g Cantuccini30 g neutral vegetable oil70 g peanut butter, natural & crunchy […]

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13. October 2022

We want you

You work independently and on your own responsibility, know how to operate production and packaging machines intuitively and have a technical understanding? Then become part of our team and dive into the colorful organic industry. We are looking for production employees to support us in the areas of production, machine operation and packaging. You can […]

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12. October 2022

30 years AÖL

Congratulations to the Assoziation Ökologischer Lebensmittelhersteller (AÖL) on its 30th anniversary! Last week, organic food producers – including us, of course – celebrated together with the AÖL 30 years of shaping and working in the organic sector – for human-friendly and natural food. The diverse program of the anniversary celebration in Fulda was opened with […]

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10. October 2022

how the forest saves our climate

What does a forest need to look like in order to provide us with the best possible support in climate protection? Unfortunately, not like a large part of the German forest. This is because most forests in Germany are species-poor tree plantations that have been artificially created by the forestry industry. These are often non-native […]

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30. September 2022

A fair food system

Producers of organic food protect the environment. But a fair food system includes respecting human rights as well as the environment – these principles must be the cornerstones of political action and fair business practices. Because as a company, we have a duty of care to treat people and the environment responsibly. Through the continuous […]

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14. September 2022

SOMMER for school start

Regional engagement The summer vacations are over and last week school started again in Hesse. For this year, we came up with something special in cooperation with the Grundschulförderverein Neu-Anspach e.V. – from us for the region, or rather for the region’s elementary schools. Since 1993, the Grundschulförderverein has been actively supporting the two elementary […]

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13. September 2022

eve Leserliebling 2022

Your vote counts With every purchase in the organic store, you actively support environmental and climate protection and contribute to more biodiversity. Your purchase counts. Your opinion too! In this year’s eve readers’ favorite! What are your favorite products in the organic food store? What always comes with you and should never be missing? Once […]

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8. September 2022

A warm meal for children

Together we empower children and reduce child poverty! From today until October 5, 2022, you can once again buy specially marked campaign products in all basic organic supermarkets, where we manufacturers donate a part of the purchase price and thus support children living in poverty in Germany. We also help and support children affected by […]

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6. September 2022

Organic protects the climate

On average, organic farms use about 40 % less energy per hectare than conventional farms – this is how effective, sustainable and cost-effective climate protection works. Organic farming works with and for nature not against it Our diet makes up a relevant part of global greenhouse gas emissions. The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change estimates […]

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22. August 2022

Organic farming as a supporter of biodiversity

Organically managed fields are simply more colorful and diverse, have you ever noticed that? This is due in part to annual flowering areas that are integrated into crop rotation or multi-year flowering strips that are even more diverse. Flowering strips usually contain a high proportion of native wild plants and provide a safe habitat for […]

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9. August 2022

culinary arts of the 21st century

The consequences of our diet and the entire food system in its current form are exceeding the limits of the planet, as well as those of society. The 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the United Nations can only be achieved with a sustainable transformation. In order to transform the current food system from conventionally […]

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4. August 2022

For more tree diversity

Anyone can plant trees. Our cooperation partner, the Green Forest Fund e.V., works closely with nature protection to not just plant trees, but to ideally match the trees to the location. It is quite obvious why this is so important: The better a tree is adapted to a particular location, the older, healthier and stronger […]

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3. August 2022

Sommer at the GrandPrix in Bad Homburg

Crunchy organic snacks for more power! And aromatic bread chips for the cyclists of the Rotary Club at this year’s GrandPrix Bad Homburg! Few, carefully selected ingredients in best organic quality and the unique taste make our bread chips an ideal snack before, during or after a spin on the bike (or any other sport). […]

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26. July 2022

biofach 2022

Trade fairs are there to be visited! Especially when it is the world’s largest trade fair for organic consumer goods. That is why we are of course also present at this year’s summer edition of Biofach 2022 in Nuremberg. For us, family business not only means that craftsmanship, knowledge and passion are passed on from […]

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organic farming supports biodiversity

Seeds are important because they are the basis of almost all food. They ensure diversity on the field and ultimately also on the plate. The problem is that in conventional agriculture in particular, farmers are dependent on six international multinational corporations and their mostly genetically modified seeds. These are seeds that are supposed to be […]

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21. July 2022

New: Croûtons

What should not be missing in any bowl, salad or soup? That’s right, that certain something! And finally you can have that certain something from SOMMER, in best Demeter quality, naturally vegan and extra crunchy. Our new croûtons in the two flavors nature and herbs convince not only with their short ingredient lists, their incomparable […]

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20. July 2022

summer celebration

We celebrate the summer, the sun and us! The Christmas party planned one and a half years ago turned into a summer party due to corona reasons, for which many colleagues got together last weekend. After a sporty prelude program in the high ropes course, with archery and cross golf, we were expected in the […]

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18. July 2022

less is more

Speaking of sustainable packaging in the last post, have you noticed the new packaging of our grissini and oat lemon cookies? We have said goodbye to the folding box, thus unifying the packaging and saving resources along the way – a win-win situation, in other words. Because we believe that less packaging means more sustainability. […]

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8. July 2022

sustainable packaging

Packed in paper, in glass, with bio-based plastics, unpacked – high-quality organic food and sustainable packaging are closely connected in organic thinking. But which is the best possible individual packaging alternative for a particular product? This question is often difficult to answer since food packaging has many different tasks: it must protect the food from […]

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27. June 2022

we welcomed students from Gießen

This month we had a visit that we were particularly delighted about: We were able to welcome a total of 25 students from the University of Gießen in our house. As part of the module “sustainable food production” of the working group on nutritional ecology, we were able to give the students an understanding of […]

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21. June 2022

Glutenfree and happy

On the occasion of today’s Food Allergy Day, we would like to raise your awareness on the topic of celiac disease. People suffering from celiac disease, also known as gluten intolerance, react to gluten, a gluten protein found in various types of grain such as wheat, emmer and spelt, with an inflammation of the small […]

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10. June 2022

The forest as a climate saver

“The breath of the trees gives us life” – Roswitha Bloch Forests and climate (protection) are closely linked; it is not for nothing that forests are referred to as the green lungs of the earth. Forests are important and highly complex ecosystems that cover one third of the land surface. As huge air-conditioning systems, they […]

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25. May 2022

Organic farming – sustainable from the beginning

The Association of Organic Food Producers (AÖL) celebrates its 30th anniversary this year and we would like to congratulate them! As a long-time member, we like to network with other producers and learn from each other. We would like to pass on the knowledge to you. For organic farming, sustainability means in concrete terms: conserving […]

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23. May 2022

Organic farming supports biodiversity

Yesterday was Biodiversity Day and did you know that organic farming makes a valuable contribution to its protection? The Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture also knows that organic farming is particularly gentle on resources, environmentally friendly and sustainable – and that makes an important contribution to the conservation of biodiversity. In the coalition agreement, […]

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11. May 2022

Organic farming protects ecosystems

The Association of Organic Food Producers e.V. (AÖL) celebrates its 30th anniversary this year and we would like to congratulate them! As a long-time member, we would like to network with other producers and learn from each other. We would like to pass this knowledge on to you. Every form of agriculture affects the ecosystem […]

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9. May 2022

And it continues

From one trade fair on to the next. A small tradition is continued, as for many many years our colleague Nicole and our colleague Helge together with their daughter visit the Kornkraft Naturkost in-house trade fair. And so of course this year. The Kornkraft in-house trade fair is always marked in red in our calendar […]

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25. April 2022

Here we go again

After two years, more and more trade fairs are now taking place again in presence and we are very happy about that! Because trade fairs are a wonderful opportunity to dive into the colorful organic world, to get to know exciting products and to make new contacts. Of course, fairs also offer the opportunity to […]

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22. April 2022

Food production but make it sustainable

The Association of Organic Food Producers e.V. (AÖL) celebrates its 30th anniversary this year and we would like to congratulate them! As a long-time member, we would like to network with other producers and learn from each other. We would like to pass this knowledge on to you. Sustainability in the food industry means that […]

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21. April 2022

We support wings of help

Our fullest sympathy and solidarity go out – now more than ever – to all the affected people in Ukraine. Weeks after the beginning of the war, the situation has worsened. Therefore, we have done what we could within the limits of our possibilities, to provide as many boxes of rusks as possible for Ukraine. […]

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9. April 2022

Preserve species

Preserve species! The Association of Organic Food Producers e.V. (AÖL) celebrates its 30th anniversary this year and we would like to congratulate them! As a long-time member, we would like to network with other producers and learn from each other. We would like to pass this knowledge on to you. Bee protection is on everyone’s […]

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1. April 2022

Sustainably organic

The Association of Organic Food Producers e.V. (AÖL) celebrates its 30th anniversary this year and we would like to congratulate them! As a long-time member, we would like to network with other producers and learn from each other. We would like to pass this knowledge on to you. The three main elements of sustainability are […]

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21. March 2022

The forest as a climate saver

Today is the Day of the Forest and we think it is a good opportunity to emphasize the important function of the forest as a climate saver. We all appreciate the forest as a place for recreation and relaxation. Yet the forest is so much more, a complex ecosystem and our greatest ally in the […]

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14. March 2022

Organic farming as a supporter of biodiversity

Biodiversity, species diversity – aren’t they the same thing? No, in fact, species diversity is only one part of biodiversity, or biological diversity. Biodiversity is a much broader concept. That’s what it says in the Convention on Biological Diversity to which, by the way, some 200 countries have joined since it was signed in 1992. […]

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7. March 2022

new – ruebli with butter

Well, is it already Easter? Not quite, but we would still like to introduce you to our seasonal new addition. How about a grass-green and above all irresistibly delicious eye-catcher in the Easter nest? These sweet bunnies and carrots are 100% organic, baked with only a handful of ingredients in Demeter quality and regional beet […]

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1. March 2022

peace now

We are committed to the values of humanity, justice and solidarity. That’s why our engaged colleagues have mobilized all their resources, turned the production schedule upside down and baked one rusk after the other. One of the organizations that contacted us was Wings of Help – Luftfahrt ohne Grenzen e.V., an aid organization based in […]

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28. February 2022

NEW – Spelt kids products

Organic snacking fun that makes children’s eyes shine. Finally, we can introduce you to our new addition: Our spelt kids products in Demeter quality. Whether at home or on the playground, our forest animals and pizza party sticks are appetizing organic snacks for little hands. Both products are baked with few, selected ingredients in best […]

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16. February 2022

Almond day

Do you know what day it is? Almond Day! How we love them, the small stone fruit, which is so often mistakenly called a nut. Almonds, or almond kernels, are in fact the seeds of the almond tree. It is super versatile, full of vitamins and delicious too. However, only the sweet almond, because the […]

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5. February 2022

Product testers wanted

Do you like to snack hearty organic treats and feel like giving us your honest opinion? Then you’re probably perfectly qualified for a product test with our new and irresistibly delicious (but don’t let that influence you) bread chips. You can snack through our two varieties and then tell us in an online questionnaire what […]

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29. January 2022

Our ingredient lists

Our ingredient lists are as long as necessary and as short as possible, you can rely on that. As an organic manufacturer, we do not use preservatives, flavor enhancers or artificial colors as we are convinced that this is the right thing to do. SOMMER stands for 100% organic and we stand behind it. By […]

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24. December 2021

happy holidays!

We wish you and your loved ones a happy and peaceful holiday. We hope you enjoy the time with delicious food, good drinks and small presents. Maybe even one or the other organic cookie will be eaten.

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15. December 2021

new – spelt nuss-kuss

What do you do when you have too many hazelnuts and Christmas is just around the corner? That’s right, cookies. So last year we set out to process the many hazelnuts into fine cookies and sell them in our little shop in Neu-Anspach. But it turned out that everyone was thrilled by the basically so […]

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1. December 2021

Organic Industry Report: Biodiversity

More species variety and biodiversity thanks to fruit in organic quality? Of course! According to the Industry Report 2021 published by the German Organic Food Association (Bund Ökologische Lebensmittelwirtschaft e.V.), organic fruit grows on 1/5 of all fruit-growing areas in Germany – that’s more than 11,000 hectares or 16,000 soccer fields, by the way. The […]

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30. November 2021

sommer at the demeter bread testing

Have you ever heard of a bread test? Every year, the association of organic farmers Demeter awards excellent bakery crafts and selected breads with a gold, silver and bronze award. To put the baked goods of biodynamic bakeries from all over Germany under the magnifying glass – and as you can see in the picture, […]

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22. November 2021

What makes organic different?

What makes organic different? The AÖL has worked out a simple and enlightening answer with its members. Organic agriculture has developed from different world views and agricultural policy motivations. In addition to nutritional trends, values such as regionality, environmental protection and resource conservation, fairness, responsibility, care and animal welfare have played a key role in […]

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15. November 2021

Trade Partner Natürlich Unverpackt

You can buy our colorful packaged products not only in the organic store of your confidence, but also unpackaged to fill yourself, for example at Natürlich Unverpackt in beautiful Münster. But we don’t just want to introduce you to stores where you can buy our products (unpackaged) – we also want to tell you the […]

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5. November 2021

What do organic and eco mean?

As a member of the Association of organic food producers e.V. (AÖL) we like to network with other producers and learn from each other. We would like to pass on our knowledge, so that maybe you can learn something too. What do organic and eco mean? Organic and eco are legally regulated terms for products […]

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31. October 2021

Happy Halloween!

We wish you a crispy Halloween! Trick or treat was yesterday because this year it’s salty or spicy with our new aromatic bread chips in the two tasty flavors paprika and chili and salt and pepper. So how about a new tradition, cozy up on the couch with some crunchy bread chips and a good […]

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