Agricultural poison? No thanks

Organic farming shows that there is another way. It can also be done without pesticides and agricultural poisons!

Did you know that around 2.8 kilograms of pesticides end up on German fields per year and hectare? On conventional fields, because the use of pesticides is generally prohibited in organic farming. Instead, organic farming relies on diverse crop rotations, robust varieties and beneficial insects. Still, organic food is not entirely free of pesticides (although much less heavily and rarely contaminated), because residues can be found in places where farm poisons should never be. Wind drives pesticides onto organic fields, playgrounds, or nature preserves.

Pesticides harm animals and plants and threaten biodiversity and entire ecosystems. A higher harvest here is at the expense of soils, water and ultimately future generations. That’s why we rely 100% on organic raw materials – for more biodiversity, fewer pesticides and safe food.