From the field to the shelf

In this series, we want to take you on a journey from the farm field to the shelf of your trusted organic grocery store. Because until you can hold a package of cookies in your hands (and then snack them), it takes quite a bit of work, organization, and time. That’s why we want to make the case for food appreciation.

Today we start with the field. Because without agriculture and its products, we wouldn’t be able to bake cookies, snacks and rusks. The grain for our spelt flour, for example, grows in European fields and therefore has a comparatively short transport route. These fields are cultivated according to organic and biodynamic guidelines – which means: no pesticides, no synthetic chemical fertilizers, no artificial preservatives.

Our colleague from purchasing decides which raw materials we purchase based on various criteria such as availability, quality and quantity. Our quality management carefully checks every delivery and ensures the quality of our raw materials. This way we can offer you high quality and delicious pastries.