one christmas stollen please

Once a year, just in time for Christmas, we bake something that we don’t normally bake. And we do it with joy, craftsmanship and, well, a little tasting in between ūüėČ

We have been making our sweet, juicy stollen for many, many years – it has now become something of a tradition, with even the daughter of our CEO, Anne-Caroline, making a visit in person. A real Christmas stollen needs dough resting time, sensitivity and a pinch of craftsmanship. Our colleagues from production were happy to help out and, of course, tasted it straight away. After all, we were all curious to see how good it would taste this year. We can definitely say that our team had fun and that the stollen tastes good. PS: Unfortunately, the stollen is not available to buy, as we send it to our long-standing, loyal partners in the organic sector.