Sandwich Ice Cream Day

It’s raining outside? Never mind, we’ll bring summer indoors with this delicious ice cream creation, a dream of ice cream, coconut and cookie ūüėć The perfect recipe for today’s sandwich ice cream day, because who didn’t love eating an ice cream sandwich as a kid? The best part is that you don’t need many ingredients at all and the sandwiches are super quick and easy to make! ūüôĆ

For three sandwiches you’ll need:

‚ěĚ A package of gluten-free and happy cookies of your choice – we chose the Coco & Choco Cookies
‚ěĚ Ice cream of your choice, we went with vegan coconut ice cream
‚ěĚ 1/2 bar of dark chocolate
‚ěĚ some shredded coconut


Melt the dark chocolate and put it on hand with the shredded coconut. Place the ice cream on the flat side of the cookie, press together with a second cookie and dip in chocolate. Then press into the shredded coconut and store in the freezer until ready to serve. Enjoy!

We wish you lots of fun making and eating it! You can find a video of the recipe on our Instagram channel at