sommer at the demeter bread testing

Have you ever heard of a bread test? Every year, the association of organic farmers Demeter awards excellent bakery crafts and selected breads with a gold, silver and bronze award. To put the baked goods of biodynamic bakeries from all over Germany under the magnifying glass – and as you can see in the picture, the nose 😉 – a qualified jury of bakers, sensory experts and experts from the Forschungsring e.V. came together. As a Demeter member company, we were again part of the jury this year. Our sensory expert Karin was on site to exchange ideas and to test the bread quality together. In the team, a wide variety of biodynamic baked goods were then described sensory based on many criteria such as aroma, crust and nose feel and only then evaluated. The special thing about the Demeter bread testing is that each bread is considered individually in its particularity. In this way, the bread’s own character traits are taken into account.

Why are we telling you about Demeter bread testing when we don’t make fresh bread ourselves? As a Demeter bakery manufacturer, we also advocate respecting the special characteristics of our baked goods. For example, no two rusks are alike and no two cookies – and that’s a good thing. Nevertheless, they are all made from the best Demeter raw materials and convince with their taste and character.