Demeter farming

Biodynamic Demeter agriculture is probably the most sustainable way of farming. Why we never get tired of emphasizing this? It is because Demeter farmers actively build up humus in the soil. Healthy and fertile soil is so important because it is the basis for our food. Farmers do not use synthetic chemical pesticides and instead care for the soil with cow manure and biodynamic preparations. This builds up humus, which is essential for the healthy growth of plants and the absorption of CO2. The more humus in the soil, the more CO2 the soil can absorb and the more climate protection it provides. And humus has even more important benefits. Namely, the targeted build-up of organic humus can contribute to the stability of the soil. A soil rich in humus is a healthy and stable soil, which is why it is better protected against heavy rainfall. At the same time, humus also helps the soil to store more water during dry periods. Humus is an essential factor why biodynamic agriculture is not only particularly sustainable, but also suitable for future generations.

That is why we rely on Demeter quality for our products wherever possible.