from the field to the shelf

We have now reached the stage in the supply chain where the delicious cookies have been produced. But how do they get to the shelf and finally into your hands?

Luckily there are wholesalers, because they take on tasks that would be impossible for us ūü§Ě Organic wholesalers supply farm stores, organic stores, unpackaged stores, specialist health food stores and organic supermarkets with every imaginable organic product. From A for apple to Z for zucchini or A for amaretti to R for rusk, everything is included. To ensure that all these products can be delivered to the many thousands of organic stores in Germany, there are around 14 wholesalers in Germany, most of which operate regionally. They usually supply organic stores in their region with a full range of products – sometimes 15,000 products are stocked and delivered to over 2,000 stores.

Many wholesalers can look back on a long tradition, are family businesses or employers for several hundred employees. We maintain a personal and long-standing relationship with them. And when you buy a product in an organic store, you can be sure that it has been supplied by one of the 14 organic wholesalers.