Greenplanting instead of greenwashing

Plant trees, protect the climate

The Green Forest Fund e.V. is our first choice when it comes to planting trees and thus making an active contribution to climate protection. Trees are one of the simplest and most effective ways to fight climate change. However, this is only possible under one condition: The trees are allowed to grow until the end of their life. Because only then they develop their full potential. A tree can absorb about three tons of CO2 in the course of 100 years. If a tree cannot grow to its natural age and is perhaps even cut down at a young age, its environmental performance is naturally reduced. The math is simple.

Natural forest ecosystems

The Green Forest Fund acquires land into the public benefit, land in the middle of Germany. These protected areas are not used for forestry. Young trees are planted there in coordination with nature conservation and adapted to the location, and existing tree stands are maintained. In this way, natural ecosystems are created over time that provide a home for a wide variety of animals and plants and form the basis for the primeval forest of tomorrow. In addition, to strengthen and optimize biodiversity, ecosystems are created for bees, bumblebees and butterflies. The Green Forest Fund does a lot with a small team and one thing is for sure: there is no greenwashing going on here, but 100% serious greenplanting! So even every tree can be found with a jungle tracker, more transparency is hardly possible.

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