New: Croûtons

What should not be missing in any bowl, salad or soup? That’s right, that certain something! And finally you can have that certain something from SOMMER, in best Demeter quality, naturally vegan and extra crunchy. Our new croûtons in the two flavors nature and herbs convince not only with their short ingredient lists, their incomparable crispiness, but also with their aromatic taste. Simple but delicious, our croûtons nature are made with just a handful of carefully selected ingredients – because they only contain what belongs in them, they taste particularly clear. The herb version contains spicy herbs de Provence, seasoned with a pinch of paprika and chili. The croûtons will soon be available in your favorite organic food store and then hopefully in your next salad, on a creamy gazpacho soup or whatever dish you want to give that certain crunchiness 🙂