new – ruebli with butter

Well, is it already Easter? Not quite, but we would still like to introduce you to our seasonal new addition. How about a grass-green and above all irresistibly delicious eye-catcher in the Easter nest? These sweet bunnies and carrots are 100% organic, baked with only a handful of ingredients in Demeter quality and regional beet sugar. In addition to spelt, lots of crunchy carrot sticks and fresh butter make these Easter cookies especially appetizing. They are guaranteed to make not only children’s eyes light up. If you’re hungry for carrots and bunnies now, you should visit your local organic food store as soon as possible – because our green Rueblis are only available at Easter. By the way, with this product you also support the Green Forest Fund e.V. in its mission to create the primeval forest of tomorrow in Germany and thus protect biodiversity.