Organic farming as a supporter of biodiversity

Organically managed fields are simply more colorful and diverse, have you ever noticed that? This is due in part to annual flowering areas that are integrated into crop rotation or multi-year flowering strips that are even more diverse. Flowering strips usually contain a high proportion of native wild plants and provide a safe habitat for animals for several years.

Colorful wildflower strips, orchard meadows and field borders can also be found on Demeter farms. As early as 2013, the Demeter organic growers’ association included in its own guidelines the mandatory promotion of biodiversity on 10% of the total area of each farm. This makes bees and other flower-visiting insects happy, for example, as there are comparatively three to seven times as many of them there. Colorful fields are not only beautiful, but above all valuable, because they promote biodiversity and thus improve the adaptability of ecosystems to environmental changes.