Organic farming as a supporter of biodiversity

Biodiversity, species diversity – aren’t they the same thing? No, in fact, species diversity is only one part of biodiversity, or biological diversity. Biodiversity is a much broader concept. That’s what it says in the Convention on Biological Diversity to which, by the way, some 200 countries have joined since it was signed in 1992. Commonly, the concept of biodiversity includes the three levels of diversity of genes, diversity of species and diversity of ecosystems. Biodiversity is the basis for life and as Greenpeace writes: If we destroy it, we saw off the branch on which we sit. For example, much of our food depends significantly on insect pollination. This is just one of many reasons why it is necessary to protect biodiversity at all levels – as organic farming does with organic seeds, flower beds and natural rather than chemical fertilizers. Supporting organic farming means supporting biodiversity. Because this is a matter of the heart for us, we rely 100% and without exceptions on raw materials from organic farming. For more biodiversity, species diversity and colorful fields!