Organic farming supports biodiversity

Yesterday was Biodiversity Day and did you know that organic farming makes a valuable contribution to its protection? The Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture also knows that organic farming is particularly gentle on resources, environmentally friendly and sustainable – and that makes an important contribution to the conservation of biodiversity.

In the coalition agreement, the governing parties of the SPD, FDP and Bündnis90/Die Grünen have set themselves the goal of achieving a 30% share of organic farming by 2030. As early as 2002, the national sustainability strategy formulated the goal of expanding organic farming to 20% of the area used for agriculture. Although the number has grown steadily in recent years, only about 10% of agricultural land was farmed according to organic principles in 2020. Thus, in practice, we are still far from the goals decided in theory. Yet a major contribution could be made to the protection of biodiversity if the amount of land used for organic farming were to be as large as possible. Soil, plants and animals benefit equally from sustainable and pesticide-free land management.

We have chosen organic farming and will continue to support it so that people can feed themselves with a good conscience today and in the future – and hopefully this time the goals will really be achieved!