Our ingredient lists

Our ingredient lists are as long as necessary and as short as possible, you can rely on that. As an organic manufacturer, we do not use preservatives, flavor enhancers or artificial colors as we are convinced that this is the right thing to do. SOMMER stands for 100% organic and we stand behind it. By the way, according to the EU organic regulation, only about 50 additives are permitted for organic products, while for conventional products there are more than 300. In our baked goods, no ingredient has to hide, guaranteed. Here is a very simple calculation: Eight ingredients in Demeter and organic quality, which you know from your own kitchen, result in a harmonious interaction of our new crispy baked bread chips – optionally in salt & pepper or paprika & chili. In addition, they are 100% vegan, because we rely on raw materials of plant origin for the majority of our baked goods.