Preserve species

Preserve species! The Association of Organic Food Producers e.V. (AÖL) celebrates its 30th anniversary this year and we would like to congratulate them! As a long-time member, we would like to network with other producers and learn from each other. We would like to pass this knowledge on to you.

Bee protection is on everyone’s lips, but it is about much more than just bee protection: it is synonymous with the protection of biodiversity and the protection of species in general. We are recording an annual decline in biodiversity with the loss of at least 13,000 species in flora and fauna – species on which humans also depend directly or at least indirectly and which ensure the continued existence of the ecosystem “nature”. We already know that a further decline in bee and insect populations will have drastic effects on crop yields. If these populations are missing, an important component in the food chain of many birds and other animals that regulate the ecosystem holistically is also missing.

Sustainable organic food production is motivation and at the same time an active contribution to preserving biodiversity and keeping this sensitive balance in balance. This is what the AöL and SOMMER stand for.