Simple and sweet curd cream

A short shopping list, quick preparation and sweet taste explosion appeal to you? You’ve got guests coming this weekend and you want to surprise them with a simple yet phenomenal dessert? Then you should definitely try this fruity and chocolaty curd cream!

For two servings you need:

➝ one package of spelt chocolate orange cookies
➝ 500 g vegan quark alternative
➝ one package of vegan whipped cream
➝ one organic orange and one organic lemon
➝ 1/2 tsp sugar
➝ 3-4 tbsp. powdered sugar
➝ cocoa powder as topping


First, mix the curd and sugar together. Wash the lemon and orange hot, add the zest and juice to the curd and stir until creamy. Then whip the whipped cream – this works best if you have previously chilled it. Now add powdered sugar, mix and pour into the curd cream. Put a layer of cream in a glass, roughly crush the cookies and put them on top. Repeat and finish with a layer of cream. If you like, sprinkle cocoa as a topping, garnish with orange slices and you’re done – enjoy!

We wish you lots of fun making it and enjoying it! You can find a video of the recipe on our Instagram channel under