Today is forest day

SOMMER x Green Forest Fund e.V.

What does Forest Day got to do with us, an organic baking company? In cooperation with Thorsten Walter and his organization, the Green Forest Fund e.V., we have been actively supporting the German forest since 2021. This is how the primeval forest of tomorrow is being created, right in the middle of Germany. The association has been able to transform more than 10 areas into valuable ecosystems in recent years. The Green Forest Fund acquires land into the public domain, plants trees that are allowed to grow until their natural end of life and maintains existing forest stands. In addition, the association creates ecosystems for bees, bumblebees & co and thus actively supports biodiversity.

Eat cookies, support the forest

Last Wednesday, we were not only allowed to see the area in Binau for ourselves, but also to take a hand at the shovel and plant a total of 40 little trees. The area in Binau is a beautiful place with meanwhile more than 2000 planted and diverse trees, which are allowed to grow undisturbed and safely. We are proud to have been able to make an active contribution to environmental, climate and species protection for three years now – over the next few years, at least one SOMMER hectare will be planted with little trees. And the more SOMMER cookies are eaten, the more the local forest benefits – to protect it not only on Forest Day, that’s what the Green Forest Fund and we are committed to.

You can find more information on the Green Forest Fund here