valuable food

What do you look for when buying food? Do you look for high-quality, valuable and nutritious food?

Behind every Demeter Germany product are people with values. This is also the case with us, because when we converted to Demeter exactly 20 years ago, it was a conscious decision. Biodynamic agriculture is probably the most sustainable way of farming. We bake high-quality cookies from these valuable raw materials – according to strict guidelines and without unnecessary additives. High quality baked goods, short ingredient lists and authentic taste – these are values that are important to us. Our baked goods should taste like homemade, which is why we deliberately avoid anything that doesn’t belong in them. For us, high-quality products with added value are products that can convince with few ingredients. We work on this every day.

You can find out more about the Iss MehrWert campaign very soon on our channels.