We have news

There is magic in every beginning

The German author Hermann Hesse already knew that – and you can hardly start a new year more magically than with new products. You can expect new designs like the bread chips with paprika, new packaging like our Muesli cookies, and even more secret new products. As you can see – we are constantly working for you and for even better products. They should be in the best organic quality, crispy and of course delicious.

We say thanks and goodbye!

Unfortunately, we also have to say goodbye to some products – our Marble cookies, Pesetas and Paracini will gradually make room on the shelves for our new ones, you may be curious! Also leaving us are our Kraft cookies, our spelt rusk with olive oil and our two spelt minis. But that’s no reason to be sad, trade is change, our colleague from sales always says. And change makes room for new great favorites, but more about that soon!