We support wings of help

Our fullest sympathy and solidarity go out – now more than ever – to all the affected people in Ukraine. Weeks after the beginning of the war, the situation has worsened. Therefore, we have done what we could within the limits of our possibilities, to provide as many boxes of rusks as possible for Ukraine. So far, around 80,000 boxes have been collected, which the organization Luftfahrt ohne Grenzen e.V. – Wings of Help have brought to the Ukrainian border in a total of eight trucks, together with many other products that are urgently needed locally. We are happy that with rusk we can provide a product for both the Ukrainian border and Ukrainian refugees in the Taunus region that has a long shelf life, is healthy and filling. You can see how important hygiene products, clothing and food are for the Ukrainian refugees and what the faces behind Luftfahrt ohne Grenzen look like in this video. We would like to thank Wings of Help for their tireless and much-needed efforts and support their motto: Friends in Need are Friends indeed! Here’s to a quick end of the devastating war, for peace in the world!

More information about Wings of Help is available here www.wingsofhelp.com