Buy organic, stop glyphosate

This year, a decision will be made on the further approval of the agricultural poison glyphosate in the EU. We say: Glyphosate must be urgently removed from the field!

Why? Simple:

  1. the world’s most widely used total herbicide threatens the biodiversity of wild plants, insects and vertebrates.
  2. glyphosate impairs soil fertility and soil life.
  3. as an aquatic pollutant, it is toxic to aquatic life, especially amphibians.
  4. the agricultural toxin is a danger to our health and is suspected of causing cancer.
  5. glyphosate spreads from the field to the air we breathe. What this means for health is still completely unexplored.

Here’s what you can do:

Sign the petition “Glyphosate ban now” and demand that the German government vote AGAINST the further approval of glyphosate at the EU level. Choose to buy organic products more and more often and support an agriculture that is suitable for grandchildren and does not use glyphosate or other synthetic pesticides.

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