Soil protection is climate protection

The soil is the basis. Not only because we walk on it every day, but also because it is the basis for our food. And good food can only grow on good, living and fertile soil. Building soil fertility is the focus of Demeter farmers’ work.

For example, Demeter soils release 43% less climate-damaging nitrous oxide compared to conventionally farmed fields. Nitrous oxide, also known as N2O, is around 300 times more harmful to the climate than carbon dioxide, or CO2. It is produced in particular by nitrogenous fertilizers used in agriculture and animal husbandry.

Since Demeter farmers do not use energy-intensive nitrogen fertilizers, they make an important contribution to climate protection. In addition, they actively build up humus, which provides the plants with important nutrients, stores CO2 and thus ensures a diverse soil life. It is not without reason that Demeter agriculture is considered the most sustainable of its kind. Soil protection is climate protection and Demeter farmers make an important contribution here.

Sources: Demeter, Umweltbundesamt