Vegan Black Forest Cup

Today is fortune cookie day and you are really lucky because we have the perfect recipe for you. The layered dessert is super easy and super quick to prepare. And you at the end? Super happy and super full.

For two portions you’ll need:

➝ one package spelt chocolate cookies
➝ one jar of organic sour cherries (save the juice)
➝ 400 g vegan cherry yogurt
➝ one package of vegan whipped cream
➝ 1/2 bar of dark chocolate


First whip the whipped cream until stiff – this works best if it has been chilled beforehand. Carefully fold the whipped cream into the cherry yogurt. Drain the cherries and collect the cherry juice. Roughly crumble a few cookies and place in a glass, drizzle with the cherry juice. On top of the cookie layer, follow with a few scoops of the cream-yogurt mixture. Then cherries and again cookies. Repeat until the glass is full. End with a yogurt layer. Chop the dark chocolate roughly and decorate the layered dessert with it. Enjoy it!

We wish you lots of fun making and spooning! You can find a video of the recipe on our Instagram channel at